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It be slippery, precious;

Aye, it be very slippery indeed.

necreavit is a nonsense Latin word the magician Prospero found scrawled on the wall of King Gorm's library in The Face in the Frost by John Bellairs.

melannen remembered that off the top of her head, and this is her writing journal. That probably tells you all you need to know.

There's at least a chance that she'll never be loopy enough to write any Prospero/Melichus slash in it.

Most of the writing here will be friendslocked, due to it being unfinished dreck, and some of it being original fic that might one day be publishable. After many months, it appears that most of the writing here will apparently be bits of fic that she's fairly sure nobody else cares about, and will be backdated so she can pretend it's not here. Thus there's no real point in friending it. Leave a comment on the most recent unlocked entry saying something about why, and you'll probably be friended. Actual finished stories will still be going up at melannen, however.

melannen also uses this ID for joining/watching a variety of communities and recs or news journals, and sometimes posts to them under this name just for convenience. It's still melannen.